Annual Output of East Oilfield of South China Sea Exceeds 20 Million Cubic Meters

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Source:CNOOC News

    On the morning of November 25, the annual oil and gas output of  East Oilfield of the South China Sea exceeded 20 million cubic meters of oil equivalent, setting a record and ranking the second largest offshore energy production base in China, providing a solid guarantee for the national energy security and the economic and social development of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area.

    After 31 years of development and production, the East Oilfield of the South China Sea have developed from mainly foreign cooperation to both cooperation and self-operation. Today, they have realized self-operation, built six raw oil production areas and one natural gas production area, and increased to 45 oil and gas fields in production. By this year, the cumulative production of oil and gas has exceeded 382 million m3 oil equivalent. Since Liwan 3-1 gas field was put into operation in April 2014, nine gas fields have been developed in a rolling manner, with an annual export gas volume of more than 6 billion cubic meters, accounting for nearly one quarter of the total natural gas consumption in Dawan District, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. In August 2021, Liuhua 16-2 Oilfield Group, China's first self operated deepwater oilfield group, was fully completed and put into operation. This year, it has produced more than 4 million cubic meters of crude oil, becoming the oilfield group with the highest output in the South China Sea.

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