Carbon Dioxide Compressor of China Shipbuilding 711 Institute Was Officially Put into Operation in CCUs Project of Hainan Fushan Oilfield

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    Recently, two carbon dioxide compressors provided by the 711 Institute of China Shipbuilding Group were officially put into operation in the carbon dioxide capture, utilization and storage technology (CCS / CCUs) project of Hainan Fushan oilfield. It is estimated that 90000 tons of carbon dioxide can be recovered every year, which is equivalent to the daily emission of 60000 vehicles in recent one year, which can greatly reduce the local carbon dioxide emission of the project.

    In the production process, the natural gas in the oil and gas wells is dehydrated by molecular sieve and adsorbed by adsorption tower. The carbon dioxide contained in the natural gas is pressurized by carbon dioxide compressor, condensed into liquid carbon dioxide by refrigerator, and finally injected underground for storage and oil displacement. Through the treatment of the whole link, it can effectively improve the oil and gas recovery of low-pressure condensate gas reservoir, high carbon dioxide gas reservoir and conventional low-permeability reservoir, realize carbon dioxide storage and effectively reduce the collapse rate of goaf.

    It is understood that the first phase of CCUs pilot test project of Fushan Oilfield in Hainan was completed and put into operation in November 2018, with a cumulative buried carbon dioxide of more than 90000 tons. In 2020, Fushan Oilfield will start the construction of CCUs phase II project. The project will build a set of 150000 m3 / day carbon dioxide separation, capture and liquefaction unit in Huachang treatment center of Fushan oilfield, and the annual buried capacity is expected to reach 100000 tons.

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