Southwest Petroleum Bureau Produced More than 7 Billion cubic meters of Natural Gas for the First Time

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Source:Sinopec News

    Southwest Petroleum Bureau built a new production capacity of 1.24 billion cubic meters this year, producing more than 7 billion cubic meters of natural gas for the first time, an increase of 1.14 billion cubic meters over the same period last year, a year-on-year increase of 19.4%, benefiting 6 provinces, more than 70 cities, thousands of enterprises and more than 200 million residents along the Yangtze River economic belt.

    According to person in charge of Southwest Petroleum Bureau, they resolutely shouldered the political responsibility of stabilizing energy supply, spared no effort to increase production and ensure people's livelihood, strengthened overall planning and coordination, focused on major breakthroughs in new fields and increasing reserves with economies of scale, vigorously promoted the strategic succession and high-quality and efficient increase of reserves of marine and continental facies in Western Sichuan, southern Sichuan and Northern Sichuan, and actively expanded Yongchuan Chishui Longmaxi formation and new shale gas positions of new strata and new types have achieved fruitful oil and gas results. Up to now, the annual reserve target has been fully exceeded, and the proved, controlled and predicted reserves of new natural gas have reached 117%, 112% and 144% of the annual target respectively. Among them, the Jurassic of Zhongjiang gas field added 34 billion cubic meters of proved reserves this year, and the cumulative proved reserves were 106.1 billion cubic meters.

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