Four People Died on Duty, China Geological Survey Deliver Documents to Mourn

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Source:China Geological Survey

    Four missing geologists were found this morning and were all dead.

    According to the "Zhenyuan issue" official account of WeChat, at 18:33 on November 21st, the search and rescue headquarters received reports from search and rescue personnel. In the town of Yuxi, Xinping County, Ailao Mountain, 3 missing persons were found in the southeast direction of the sample area, and there were no vital signs. After receiving the report, the headquarters immediately arranged 6 search and rescue teams with 56 people nearby to pick up, and set up a pick-up point in laoyingtang, which is 3.58 kilometers away from the location where the lost person was found.

    The first batch of rescue teams arrived at the discovery site at 0:32 on November 22 and quickly transferred the bodies of the three missing persons to the response point. Due to the high mountain and steep slope, heavy fog and low visibility, and unclear road conditions at night, they have not been transferred to the response point so far. At the same time, a carpet search was carried out around the location of the discovery. At 8:32 on November 22, it was found that the fourth lost person had no vital signs and was undergoing transfer. The relevant reasons were under in-depth investigation.

    China Geological Survey issued a document of mourning: "according to the news of Yunnan Ailao Mountain search and rescue headquarters on November 22, after all-out search and rescue, all four lost field geological survey personnel of the China Geological Survey have been found. Unfortunately, they were killed and died on duty. All good things should be carried out. Let's extend our deepest condolences to the four field geological survey personnel who died!"

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