National Development and Reform Commission Press Conference in November: Plans of Carbon Peak in Some Fields is about to Be Implemented

Food and Energy Security are Guaranteed

    China's grain production is generally good, and the total supply of grain reserves is sufficient.

This year, China's summer grain output was 291.6 billion kg, an increase of 5.93 billion kg, including 56 billion kg of early rice, an increase of 1.45 billion kg, and a bumper autumn grain harvest is a foregone conclusion. China's grain output will remain stable at more than 1.3 trillion Jin for seven consecutive years, laying a solid foundation for domestic grain market supply. The scale of government reserves has increased steadily, the commodity inventory of enterprises has increased significantly, and the commodity inventory of wheat and rice has increased by more than 50% year-on-year. The ability to prevent risks has been effectively enhanced. The local refined grain and oil reserves in the main urban areas of 36 large and medium-sized cities and areas prone to market fluctuations have reached the market supply for 15 days or more.

    China's energy security is also guaranteed. "With the continuous increase of national coal production and market supply, the coal supply and storage levels of power plants and port coal yards will be further improved, and the safe and stable supply of coal can be reliably guaranteed this winter and next spring." Meng Wei said that the national development and Reform Commission will urge the resumption of coal mines to achieve stable production, ensure the safe supply of energy and ensure the people's warm winter.

    In terms of natural gas, affected by the current tense global natural gas supply and demand situation and the sharp rise in gas prices, the national natural gas supply and demand is in a tight balance in the heating season this year, and the contradiction between supply and demand in some regions may be more prominent during peak hours. Meng Wei said that enterprises will be organized to increase production and supply, increase gas storage and utilization, and strengthen dispatching guarantee in areas with tight supply.

Implementation Scheme of Carbon Peak in some Fields is about to be Implemented

    The top-level design document of carbon peak carbon neutralization has been released, and the follow-up "1 + n" policy system will continue to be enriched. Meng Wei disclosed that relevant departments are studying and formulating implementation plans in energy and other fields, and the implementation plans in some fields have been "finalized".

    Meng Wei said that achieving carbon peak and carbon neutralization is not only an extensive and profound systematic change in economy and society, but also a hard battle. The opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on completely, accurately and comprehensively implementing the new development concept and doing a good job in carbon peak and carbon neutralization and the action plan for carbon peak before 2030 have been released, which together constitute the top-level design through the two stages of carbon peak and carbon neutralization. The national development and Reform Commission will accelerate the construction of a carbon peak and carbon neutralization policy system with clear objectives, reasonable division of labor, powerful measures and orderly connection.

    "Relevant departments are studying and formulating implementation plans for energy, industry, urban and rural construction, transportation, agriculture and rural areas and key industries such as iron and steel, petrochemical and chemical industry, non-ferrous metals, building materials, electric power, oil and natural gas, as well as supporting policies such as scientific and technological support, finance, carbon sink capacity, statistical accounting, supervision and assessment. At present, industry, transportation and urban and rural construction And the action plan for carbon neutralization in science and technology to support carbon peaking has been completed, and is being submitted for review according to procedures. After review, it will be printed and implemented according to procedures. "Meng Wei said that at the same time, it will vigorously promote energy conservation and carbon reduction in key areas, improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emission intensity.

Comprehensively Renovate the "Mining" of Virtual Currency

    The virtual currency "mining" that runs counter to energy conservation and carbon reduction will be comprehensively renovated. Meng Wei said that he would continue to do a good job in the whole chain management of virtual currency "mining", establish a long-term mechanism and strictly prevent "resurgence".

    "First of all, it needs to be clear that virtual currency is a specific virtual commodity, which is not issued by the monetary authority, has no legal compensation and compulsion, is not a real currency, and should not and cannot be used as currency in the market." Meng Wei said that before, the people's Bank of China issued a notice together with relevant departments to make it clear that virtual currency does not have the legal status of legal currency, Its relevant business activities are illegal financial activities, and there are legal risks in participating in virtual currency investment and trading activities.

    In addition, the energy consumption and carbon emissions of "mining" of virtual currency are large, which does not play a positive role in driving industrial development and scientific and technological progress. In addition, the risks derived from the production and trading of virtual currency are becoming more and more prominent. Its blind and disorderly development has a serious adverse impact on promoting high-quality economic and social development and energy conservation and emission reduction. Regulating the "mining" activities of virtual currency is of great significance to promote the optimization of China's industrial structure, promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and achieve the "double carbon" goal on schedule.

    Meng Wei revealed that in the next step, the national development and Reform Commission will focus on industrial centralized "mining", state-owned units involving "mining" and bitcoin "mining". For the units implementing residential electricity price, if they find that they participate in the "mining" activities of virtual currency, they will study the imposition of punitive electricity price, so as to form a high-pressure situation of continuously renovating the "mining" activities of virtual currency.

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Author:    News Time:2021-11-17


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