Commencement of the First Batch of CCUS Projects in Xinjiang

    On October 10, the centralized commencement ceremony of the first batch of carbon dioxide capture, storage and utilization projects in Xinjiang - CCUs carbon source plant of Bazhou Guanghe gas resources Co., Ltd. and carbon dioxide capture liquefaction project of Bazhou Dunhua Gas Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. was held in Korla City, marking a new step in optimizing energy structure and developing green circular economy.

    Jia Ping, member of the Standing Committee of the State Party Committee and vice governor, attended the commencement ceremony and announced the commencement of the project. Sulaiman yusein, member of the Standing Committee of the State Party Committee and mayor of Korla, presided over the commencement ceremony.

    The CCUs carbon source plant project of Bazhou Guanghe gas resources Co., Ltd. aims to build the first million ton emission reduction demonstration base in China. The total investment of the project is 1 billion yuan, of which the phase I project covers an area of 20.7 Mu and an investment of 117 million yuan. It is planned to build a 150000 T / a carbon dioxide capture, utilization and storage demonstration device with the air released from the purification section of pressure swing adsorption of acetylene tail gas treatment unit of Xinjiang Meike chemical industry as the raw material. After the completion of the project, the waste gas can be digested and the carbon dioxide emission can be reduced. At the same time, the liquid carbon dioxide produced can be used for oil displacement in Baolang oilfield, urea carbon conversion in petrochemical tower, refrigeration supply in cold storage, carbon hydrogenation industrialization, promotion of carbon agricultural technology, etc.

    The carbon dioxide capture and liquefaction project of Bazhou Dunhua Gas Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Lunnan Industrial Park, Luntai County, covering an area of 40 mu, with a total investment of 60.77 million yuan and an annual output of 70000 tons of liquid carbon dioxide. The project is planned to be completed and put into production on November 30 this year. The carbon dioxide emitted by the natural gas ethane project of Tarim Oilfield will be purified, recovered and liquefied for oil displacement in the oilfield to improve oil and gas recovery.

    As leading enterprises in the industry, Bazhou Guanghe gas resources Co., Ltd. CCUs carbon source plant and Bazhou Dunhua Gas Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. will take this commencement ceremony as an opportunity to further strengthen key technology research, explore the organic combination with Bazhou petroleum and petrochemical industry, and develop economically feasible large-scale whole process CCUs (carbon dioxide capture, storage and utilization) Lay the foundation for integration demonstration. The counties and cities where the project is located will strengthen communication and coordination, timely coordinate and solve the problems in the process of promoting the project, ensure the early implementation and early results of the project, strive to build a CCUs demonstration project in Xinjiang, and help the project give full play to greater social benefits.

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Author:    News Time:2021-11-16


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