PetroChina Has Signed Procurement Agreements with 33 Partners Around the World for Nearly US $15.5 Billion

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Source:CNPC News

    During the forum, PetroChina signed 33 purchase agreements with 33 global partners, including Saudi Aramco, messiness Asia Pacific Co., Ltd., Schlumberger, siemens energy and Baker Hughes, with a total contract amount of nearly US $15.5 billion.

    Hou Qijun, general manager of CNPC, pointed out in his speech that the carbon emissions generated by energy activities account for 86% of the global total, and the energy field is the key to control carbon emissions. As a comprehensive international energy company and China's largest oil and gas production and supply enterprise, PetroChina attaches great importance to climate change and energy transformation, fully participates in and promotes the construction of "clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient" modern energy system, and actively explores the way of green development.

    Hou Qijun said that during the "14th five year plan" period, PetroChina will focus on the clean substitution of energy for production, so as to achieve a good start and rapid development of new energy and new business. Large scale development of geothermal, distributed wind power and photovoltaic power generation, centralized wind, gas and power integration and other businesses; Strengthen the strategic layout of hydrogen energy, new materials, CCS / CCUs and new energy service support; Reserve a number of clean and low-carbon key core technologies in advance, and strive to promote the transformation of PetroChina into an integrated energy company of "oil, gas, thermal power and hydrogen". PetroChina strives to achieve "carbon peak" around 2025. In 2035, the green and zero carbon energy supplied outside will exceed the fossil energy consumed by itself, and achieve "near zero" emission around 2050.

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