【ECF News】Summary of new technologies in major oil fields of PetroChina (1H 2019) - Part II

Dagang Oilfield

Technology: key technology for fine layered water injection in sand-flow and high pressure deep reservoir

Effect: The project overcomes the technical problems of dispensing in HTHP deep inclined wells. The overall technology has reached the international advanced level. And the multi-stage dispensing and inspection & sealing technology in HTHP deep inclined wells has reached the international leading level.

Low-maturity shale oil cementing technology in Jilin Oilfield

Technology: supporting pre-stressed cementing & completion technology

Effect: The low-maturity shale oil reserves in Jilin Oilfield are abundant. The formation needs to be heated to 200-600 degrees Celsius for in-situ development. Because that the downhole heating is easy to cause the casing extending and wellhead rising, the pre-stress cementing & completion technology is needed to ensure the wellhead safety. Jilin Oilfield completed the cementing construction in the Da 83 well with the pre-stressed cementing & completion technology for 20 days and entered the oil testing stage, marking a new breakthrough in the Jilin Oilfield.

New process of volume fracturing in Changqing Oilfield

Technology: DMS soluble ball seat fracturing tool

Effect: DMS soluble ball seat fracturing tool developed by Changqing Oilfield Oil and Gas Technology Research Institute was applicated in the large-pad production platform of Jidong tight oil demonstration area. The opration efficiently completed the on-site fracturing test of a well, with total liquid volume reached 26,000 cubic meters, displacement 12-14 cubic meters / minute, 9 days of 19-stage fracturing transformation. All the test data ere excellent, playing a leading role in speeding up the production of the seven wells in the north of the platform.

New Technology of CO2 Flooding in Jilin Oilfield

Technology: "sealed cannula + bridge plug" underground gas seal process

Effect: The “sealed cannula + bridge plug” downhole gas seal process independently developed by Jilin Oilfield has completed the indoor evaluation and fully possesses field testing conditions. In the process of CO2 flooding, the technology can realize the gas-tight sealing ability under the pressure of 40 MPa, meeting the production requirements of various gas wells and gas injection wells.

Daqing Oilfield Seismic Inversion Software

Technology: Thin Interlayer Z Wave Impedance Inversion Technique

Effect: The technology independently developed by Daqing Oilfield is superior to the current existing technologies both domestic and abroad in deterministic and resolution aspects. The technologyhas been promoted and applied in more than 40 medium and shallow blocks, optimizing and designing 63 straight wells, 47 horizontal wells, and completed data testing in Sichuan Moxi, Hailar and Bohai Bay.

Jilin Oilfield

Technology: A New Technology for Carbon Dioxide Huff and Puff

Effect: Jilin Oilfield tested one horizontal well carbon dioxide compound huff and puff in Xinmin site. The effect was obvious after the well starting production. The effect came mainly with liquid-increasing and water-reducing. The liquid-increasing rate was 80%, and the oil-increasing range was 120%.

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