【ECF2019】CO2 Fracking vs Water Fracking: Cost & Applicability in China - To Be Presented on Sep 25-27, Shanghai, China

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On May 14th, news came from the construction site of the Shuang 167 well in Changqing Oilfield that the first domestic carbon dioxide dry sand SRV fracturing was a great success, achieved a single well sanding volume of 45.2 cubic meters and a construction displacement of 6 cubic meters per minute, marking a new era of “waterless fracturing” in China.


This is the first apply of CO2/sand dry-frac technology in the Yulin area of Changqing gas field. From the aspect of fracturing transformation, the technology broke through the limitations of the original stratification tools, allowing the carry out of SRV fracturing and horizontal well testing. This is the new leap of domestic carbon dioxide dry sand SRV fracturing, marking this technology has reached full maturity and reached the international advanced level.

As a newly developed technology, CO2 fracking has not only been successfully appliec in some of China's oil & gas blocks, but also risen controversy regarding its applicability and cost efficiency, such as flowback issue, oil seperation, corruption prevention, CO2 emission, cost reduction and CO2 transportation.

As the leading expert in charge of the project's technical breakthrough, Mr. Song Zhenyun, senior expert of CNPC CCDC Drilling & Production Research Institute; Director, CO2 Fracturing & Stimulation Division, Key Laboratory of Reservoir Stimulation, CNPC, will join ECF2019 9th Asia-Pacific Shale Gas & Oil Summit as a guest speaker. He will share his experience about China's CO2 fracking tech breakthrough, as well as the cost and applicability comparison between CO2 fracking and water fracking.


Mr. Song Zhenyun

Energy China Forum 2019 

the 9th Asia-Pacific Shale Gas & Oil Summit (Shanghai, China) 

Sept 25-27, 2019

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