Call for Innovators: ECF2019 Shale Technology Showcase

Energy China Forum is seeking global innovators to pitch their advanced innovation, materials, products, services and technologies to major shale players at Energy China Forum 2019 9th Asia-Pacific Shale Gas & Oil Summit. The Technology Showcase will be a featured event as part of the annual ECF2019 technology sessions, which will be held at Jianguo Hotel Shanghai, China on 25-27 September, 2019.


Over 300 delegates from across the globe, including senior corporate executives, government officials, as well as industry experts and thought leaders will join ECF2019. Executive functions of participants include strategic planning, research & development, technologies, finance, operations sales & marketing, as well as business development. These attendees are seeking efficient and cost-reduction technologies and products in a range of categories that includes—but is not limited to - geology prospecting, drilling engineering, environment technology, reservoir assessment and description, extended-reach horizontal wells & well-factory technology, EOR, SRV fracturing, advanced downhole tools & equipment, integrated ground and downhole tech, and slick water & fracking fluid systems.


Opportunities in China Shale Gas & Oil

Shale gas & oil industry in Asia-Pacific has become an emerging market with fast growing resources. As a leading shale player in Asia-Pacific, China has been proved with great resource potential, high government support and increasing operations in its shale gas & oil. This new field of operations will expand China’s oil and gas services market from the current 400 billion CNY to 600-700 billion CNY by 2025, with more open access to overseas players.

According to the voices from China’s major shale players such as CNPC and Sinopec, the present market supply does not meet China’s increasing drilling and fracturing demand. Chinese shale players are more eager than ever looking for cost-reducing and efficiency-optimizing equipment, technology and engineering solutions from global suppliers.

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