New Edition of SZ China Natural Gas Monthly Report 2018 Released

SZ Energy Intelligence has announced the new edition of the "SZ China Natural Gas Monthly Report" to their China energy market report series.

According to SZ Energy's market data, gas consumption of China reached 235.2bcm in 2017, up by 17% YOY. China’s souring gas demand in the past year was driven by warm economy, supporting policy of environment protection as well as coal to gas needs, and increasing prices of coal and oil. Free trial->

From import side, China imported 68.57 million mt gas in Jan-Dec’17 with an 27% YOY growth. The import reached a record high with increasing import dependence. There was still a large gap of over 100bcm gas that requires LNG imports to fit based on the 360bcm consumption target in 2020 according to China’s Natural Gas 13th Five-Year Plan.

 At present, a total of 17 LNG terminals have been put into operation nationwide with a total receiving capacity of about 58 million mt, which were mainly operated by CNPC Kunlun, Sinopec, CNOOC, Xinjiang Guanghui and Jiufeng. Despite a conflict of interest existing between terminal operators and third-party LNG importers, more LNG terminals were under approval or construction to enable more LNG trading.

So far, CNPC, Sinopec and CNOOC hold most LNG import share. Now that new players such as China Gas Holdings are getting into LNG market with increasing demand and eased regulation in terminal construction and global gas trading. In addition, the total supply of LNG in the international market is about 310 million mt, with sufficient spot resources cheaper than long-term contracts. Therefore, it was a profitable way to increase the import of low-cost LNG for Chinese gas suppliers.

For pipeline gas, China currently relies mostly on Central Asia and China Myanmar pipelines while China Russia Pipeline’s east section is about to start operation in 2020. It was also widely noticed about the timetable for China’s pipeline network independence, especially the establishment of a state pipeline company. There had also been supporting policies for gas pipeline transportation price regulations released by governments in major gas consumption provinces such as Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shandong and Hebei during Nov-Dec 2017.

According to "SZ China Natural Gas Monthly Report", A major gas shortage which affected over 20 provinces and regions since Nov’2017 had fully exposed the shortage of all aspects in China’s gas industry. Not only the increasing gas demand from wide-ranged coal to gas in North China and supply shortage from decreasing Central Asia pipe gas import were two major factors to the fact, but also bottlenecks in China’s lacking gas storage, unsustainable duel-track price mechanism, losses in supply ensuring trading and access to an open and fair pipeline network as well as LNG terminals were the long-standing reasons for China’s natural gas supply/demand contradiction.

According to SZ Energy, downstream data also shows a great increase of gas demand in city gas, heating, vehicles and commercial use. Free trial->


Key Information Covered:

1. Monthly Overview of China Natural Gas Industry  
1.1 Supply & Demand
1.2 Important Market News
1.3 Market Forecast

2 China LNG Prices Index
2.1 China LNG Ex-factory Prices
2.2 China LNG Trade Prices

3 China Natural Gas News/Analysis
3.1 Policy
3.2 Market Overview - Import
3.3 Market Overview - Supply & Output
3.4 Market Overview - Consumption & Prices
3.5 Major Movements & Deals
3.6 Upstream Industry: Import & Supply
3.7 Midstream Industry: Pipeline, Storage & Terminal, Factory
3.8 Downstream Industry: Gas Power, Distributed Generation
3.9 Industry News – Unconventional Gas
3.10 Company News among Major Gas Players
3.11 Key Project & Contract Tracking
3.12 Domestic Gas Trades
3.13 Competing Energy – Oil, Coal, Electricity, Nuclear, LPG

4 China Natural Gas Data  Free trial->
4.1 Import/Export Volume & Prices – LNG and Pipe Gas
4.2 LNG Import Volume & Prices by Regions
4.3 Custom Data – China LNG Import Details
4.4 Production Volume – Natural Gas, CBM and LNG
4.5 Monthly Gas Apparent Consumption
4.6 Spot Prices Comparison: Gas vs LPG vs Coal
4.7 China LNG Prices – Factory & Terminal
4.8 China LNG Prices by Region
4.9 China Wellhead & Pipeline Prices
4.10 China LNG Transportation Fee (Truck)

5 Macro Economy Data for China Gas Production
5.1 Revenue & Profit Growth for China Gas Production Industry
5.2 Profit Margin & Cost/Revenue Ratio
5.3 Loss Making Ratio & Loss Amount Ratio
5.4 Total Investment Amount 

6 China Power Generation Amount
6.1 Thermal (Coal, Gas)
6.2 Hydro
6.3 Nuclear
6.4 Wind
6.5 Solar

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