China's dry hot rock development lead to global sensory reserves available millennium can solve the problem of haze

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in may this year, china took the lead in the successful trial of combustible ice, in the new energy utilization and a step further.

and this is not how long and a good news came.

recently, scientists in the qinghai republic of the basin, the first drilling of 236 degrees celsius high temperature dry hot rock.

this amount of resources is equivalent to 170,000 tons of coal, no exaggeration to say that this breakthrough will even change the use of energy.

what is dry hot rock? in fact, this is a new geothermal energy, we know that the earth's internal temperature is extremely high dry hot rock is not the internal fluid

or only a small amount of underground fluid high temperature rock.

it is buried in a few kilometers underground, the temperature is above 150 degrees celsius, people can use its heat to generate electricity, it is not like solar or wind energy from the weather and environmental impact can provide a steady and efficient energy, but also not like the traditional thermal power will not produce any pollution, construction costs are even lower than nuclear power and hydropower.

even better is that its reserves are very rich, up to 17 trillion tons of standard coal reserves, enough to use 3900 years.

it is because of these advantages all countries in the world are studying its exploitation, the only obstacle is the technical problems.

china's research in this area started late, the lack of key technologies, but in the efforts of researchers, before and after the address of the site selection of high temperature drilling deep hole high temperature and pressure and other key technologies.

in five dry hot rock exploration holes have been successfully drilled dry and hot rock, but also drilled to 3700 meters, hit 236 degrees of dry hot rock.

this is the first time i drilled the highest temperature of the dry hot rock, the breakthrough of this research, of course, let us hi pu ben.

from shale gas to combustible ice to dry hot rock, china's three new energy sources continue to obtain a worldwide breakthrough, it seems that china's energy landscape reform is really far away.

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