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ECF 7th Asia-Pacific Shale Gas Summit 2017

Time:2017-10-11 — 2017-10-13 Location:China  Shanghai  Jianguo Hotel (439 North Caoxi Road) Fee:US$980.0



The Whole Shale Industry Chain Meets at ECF2017 Shanghai

As the Leading Forum for Public-Private Dialogue on Shale Development,ECF2017 is the premier conference dedicated to shale gas development. ECF2017 will deliver insightful and lively programs that focus on strategic upstream, midstream and downstream developments and opportunities.

More Features about ECF2017

The Whole Shale Industry Chain Meets at ECF2017

ECF2017 offers participants unprecedented interaction with industry-leading CEOs, elected officials and thought leaders, all of whom play a critical role in crafting the public policy and technical landscape that defines shale gas development around the world, especially in China. Insightful panel discussions, high-powered networking sessions, and impactful keynote presentations will provide attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors unprecedented access to the industry’s most influential leaders and innovators.

Opportunities for Global Players in China

China is the world’s second-largest economy and the world’s biggest consumer of energy. And now China attempts to shake its dependence on coal by turning to shale gas. China holds the world’s largest shale gas reserves, with 68% more technologically recoverable than the US, according to the US Energy Information Administration. At the same time, China’s oil and gas market will become more open and attractive for global players at E&P, project, new technology, investment and JV.

You can learn more about the current situation of China shale gas and other oil and gas industry from ECF2017:

1. Redefine strategic position is the most important measure for Chinese oil and gas companies to reduce cost
2. Due to the low price, energy companies of China is positively seeking new M&A opportunities in gas industry
3. Cost control and efficiency is considered top priority for Chinese oil & gas players
4. Cost pressures are driving more industry collaboration in China
5. Digitalization will be a major focus for China oil and gas R&D as a path to improved profitability and reduced risk 
6. China energy industry operators will seek to achieve greater standardization of tools and processes such as joint industry projects (JIV) and global standardization in deliveries
7. China will increase its sustainability efforts and is going to further reduce pollution in 2017
8. With oil price getting warm, it is expected that upstream capital will meet its turning point in 2017, following by substantially increasing oilfield service profits 
9. Both state owned enterprises and private entities in China will keep looking high quality overseas assets to optimize its capital, project and resources diversification

What to Get from ECF2017?

1.Market Information – Acquiring Latest Market, Technology and Business Opportunities and Networking with Competitors and Clients
2.Policy, Trend and Leading Technology – Leaning from Government and Industry Speakers for Policy, Market and Technology Orientations
3.Business Partnering and Project Matchmaking
4.To Learn Both Market 101 and Advanced Business Strategy in China Oil & Gas
5.Face To Face Communication with Chinese Partners as well as Global Investors



In addition to several keynote presentations, various technical and public affairs related topics will be explored in daily educational sessions.


Presentations of selected emerging technologies that will create value, reduce costs and/or generate competitive advantage to address oil & gas industry challenges and support science-based technologies and decisions for the benefit of all stakeholders.


ECF2017 Oil & Gas Tech Innovation Award is going to be held to celebrate the industry’s best innovative practices and performances and to recognize and honor the excellent efforts and accomplishments of the oil and gas technology innovation.

The Award included 5 nominations for Environment & Energy Conservation, Stimulation & EOR Technology, Cost Reduction & Efficiency Technology, Exploration & Production Technology and Intelligent & Information Technology.

Business Matchmaking & Project Presentations

Featured project panel for presentations and matchmaking opportunities will be held during ECF2017. ECF will invite global guests and companies with their energy project and business proposals covering whole industry chain to share and network with ECF2017 delegates. ECF also provides further matchmaking and project consulting services.


Numerous opportunities to connect with industry colleagues and to build new business relationships

MAIN TOPIC of ECF2017 (OCT 11-13, 2017)

Public Affairs
1. Top View: China’s 13th Five Year Plan for Energy, Oil and Gas and Future Policy Design
2. Shale Production Target, Capacity Construction and Demonstration Zones
3. “Go Global” “Bring In” – International Partnership and Policy Guidance for Shale Gas and Conventional Development
4. Strategic Significance of Unconventional Energy Development for China Supply Side and Consumption Reform
5. Crude 2017: Shale Oil & Gas Update in North America and Opportunity for China
6. Unconventional Oil and Gas Development and Demand in East and Southeast Asia
Shale Industry Chain
1. Exploration & Production:Exploration and Resource、Drilling, Completion and Well-control、Digital and Intelligent Fields, Engineering Services.
2. Pipeline, Transportation and Infrastructure:Pipelines, Storage and LNG, Key Infrastructure.
3. Downstream Market:Clean Fuel & Infrastructure, Gas Power Generation, Distributed Gas Energy, Gas Chemical.
4. Chemicals in E&P, Transportation and Storage.
5. Sustainable Production & Environment.
6. Digital Energy: A Powerful Solution for Oil & Gas.
7. Offshore & Deepwater Engineering.
8. Invest, Finance and Law, Risk Management, Best Practice, Standardization.

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