ECF2022 Award for Stimulation & EOR Technology

Project:Key technology and large-scale application of oil and gas well tracing test

Company:Gepetto Oil Technology Group Co, Ltd

Project Full Name:Key technology and large-scale application of oil and gas well tracing test

Company:Gepetto Oil Technology Group Co, Ltd

AwardedStimulation & EOR Technology

Standeard:  International Advanced Level

Projec Number:ECF-2022-SEP-1007

Principal Accomplishers: Ao Ke, Zeng Bin, Wu Jinping, Xu Taiping, Zhong Pingping, Yan Lei, Bai Hua, Yuan Qing, Zhan Siyuan


oil, gas and water three-phase tracers


Grading and calibrating reservoir fluid with tracer

Key Innovation Points:

1. According to the characteristics that horizontal wells need staged fracturing in China's natural gas development, 48 kinds of oil, gas and water phase tracers have been developed, which can be used to mark each fracturing section with independent tracers to meet the needs of staged production testing;

2. A system and method for the analysis of trace gas tracers by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) were established. The adsorption problem of trace chemical tracers was solved by passivating the sampling bottles, pipelines and injection ports. The detection limit of the method was ≤10-9 mol/mol; It is the first time to realize the quantitative analysis of tracer components by using the external standard method of reference materials, which ensures the accuracy and reliability of the detection results;

3. A complete production performance evaluation system for unconventional oil and gas wells is established based on the tracer detection results:

① For the first time, the functional relationship between various reservoir characteristic parameters and reservoir types is demarcated by the tracer monitoring results and fuzzy clustering method, and a reservoir dessert recognition model is established; 

② For the first time, it is proposed to calculate the swept volume of the phase separation chemical tracer in the hydraulic fracturing fracture as the fracturing fracture volume; 

③ It is proposed for the first time to calculate the channeling index between injection wells and adjacent wells through the sample characteristic parameters of injection wells and adjacent wells, so as to evaluate the interference degree between platform wells


Main Application and Technical Principal: 

The results of this project have been widely applied to domestic low-permeability oil and gas reservoirs and tight low-permeability unconventional oil and gas reservoirs, achieving higher single well production, increasing production increase time, and greatly improving economic returns. The key technology of the project - trace chemical tracer monitoring technology is to inject unique tracers into each fracturing section during acid fracturing, and quantitatively determine the output of oil, gas and water in each section through sampling and detection in the flowback and production stages. Compared with conventional production testing, this technology does not need tools to run into the wellbore, and is a new oil, gas and water production testing technology. It can be widely used in: 

(1) tracer detection; 

(2) Dynamic monitoring of oil and gas well production profile; 

(3) Analysis and evaluation of inter well fracturing interference;

 (4) Oil and gas well 

performance analysis; 

(5) Process effect evaluation; 

(6) Reservoir productivity evaluation.

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