ECF2021 Award for Advanced Tech

Project:Long-life Vulnerable Parts of Fracturing Pump

Company:Sany Petroleum Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd

Project Full Name: Development of Long-life Vulnerable Parts of Fracturing Pump for Oil and Gas Stimulation

Company:Sany Petroleum Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd, Gent Materials Surface Technology (Guangdong) Co., :Ltd, Zigong Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd, Seed Technologies Corp., Ltd

AwardedTech Advanced Technology

Standeard:  International  Advamced Level

Projec Number:ECF-2021-SET-1010

Principal Accomplishers: Wang Yang, Lin Xiaoying, Liu Lijun, Wang Anwei, Liu Xiaojian, Yang Chengzhi, Zhao Hongbo, Yin Yanlin


Long-Life Plunger Sample

Key Innovation Points:

  • Develop a long-life plunger suitable for oil-gas fracturing stimulation based on wear-resistant coating strengthening technology. Under the premise that the cost is similar to the current plunger cost, the life span is more than 30% longer than the current plunger life.

  • For the first time, the hot cladding process was used on the valve seat of the fracturing pump, and the most suitable hot cladding formula, cladding thickness, and particle size of the valve seat of the fracturing pump were researched. In addition, the long-life valve seat is made of cemented carbide, the hardness is significantly improved, and the service life is more than doubled compared with the current one. The valve rubber is made of imported polyurethane modified material, and its service life is about twice as long as that of the current valve rubber. 

  • The long-life fracturing pump wearing parts give new vitality to the fracturing vehicle, which greatly improves work efficiency, reduces the consumption of pump inspection personnel, and realizes the cost reduction and efficiency increase

Main Application and Technical Principal: 

  • The fracturing vehicle is a special vehicle used to inject high-pressure, large-displacement fracturing fluid into the well to open the formation and squeeze the proppant into the fracture. Mainly used for various fracturing operations in oil, gas and water wells. The fracturing pump is a plunger pump installed on the fracturing truck for fracturing and acidizing operations. It is the core equipment to ensure the stable operation of the fracturing truck. The fracturing pump contains many vulnerable parts, such as plunger, valve body and seat.

  • In order to meet the increasingly severe fracturing conditions, and effectively improve the working life and reliability of the fracturing pump. It is especially important to improve the life of key components such as plunger, valve body and seat. The plunger reciprocates during work, which is mainly affected by abrasive wear and erosion by fracturing fluid. The valve body and valve seat are anti-abrasive parts. When the valve body is opened, the fracturing fluid flushes the valve body with a large attack angle and the surface of the valve seat with a small attack angle, both of which are severely eroded and worn; when the valve body is closed, the speed is very fast, and the valve seat An impact is formed, and three-body wear is formed. At this time, abrasive wear is dominant.

  • In order to effectively improve the life and reliability of the plunger, valve body and seat, this project analyzed the wear mechanism of the fracturing pump's wearing parts, and carried out intensified process development on the existing plunger, including strengthening the coating powder formula and sintering thickness. The development and adjustment of the sintering process can improve the wear resistance while improving the impact resistance and corrosion resistance, reduce the porosity, prevent the coating from cracking, and at the same time facilitate the diffusion and mutual melting between the substrate and the coating. And developed and tried new materials-cemented carbide valve seat, G20 valve body and imported rubber, which effectively improved the life of fracturing pump wearing parts, further improved the reliability of the fracturing pump, and realized the cost reduction of the product Synergistic.. 


Long-Life Valve Seat Sample


Long-Life Valve Body + Rubber Sample Parts

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