ECF2021 Award for Environmental Protection Tech

Project:Amazon Rainforest Drilling Fluid & Clean Product T

Company:CCDC Drilling & Production Tech Research Institute

Project Full Name: Amazon Rainforest Zone Drilling Fluid and Clean Production Technology

Company:CCDC Drilling & Production Technology Research Institute

AwardedEnvironmental Protection, Energy Saving & Emission Reduction Technology

Standeard:  International Leading Level

Projec Number:ECF-2021-SET-1009

Principal Accomplishers: Wang Changning, Li Baojun, Yang Bin, Zhang Yuerong, Zhang Xiong, Zhao Xiangyang, Cui Guitao, Jiang Zhenwei, Hu Heng, Cao Hui


Project Diagram

Key Innovation Points:

  • With the goal of harmless and safe drilling, we carried out research on well wall instability, reservoir protection and waste treatment technology, and developed three sets of environmentally friendly drilling fluid systems, as AKUAFAST, AKUADRIL and AKUASEAL, to achieve drilling speed and pollution source control.

  • Integration supporting waste non-landing collection, materialization joint treatment, solid phase closure burial and re-cultivation, drilling cavings and treatment of water re-injection formations and other waste closed-loop treatment technology, to achieve the reduction and harmless waste, supporting the Ecuador environmental sensitive areas of complex formation safety, efficiency, environmental protection drilling and completion of well construction, become CNPC South American engineering and technical services integration industry chain key technology.

Main Application and Technical Principal: 

  • Innovative research and development of AKUAFAST environmental protection fast drilling fluid system, the use of ammonium nitrate calcium environmental acceptability, moderate flocculation, and inhibition, to achieve rapid drilling and wellbore purification, to solve the upper well section of the soft formation of serious slurry and drilling mud pack and other issues.

  • Innovative research and development of AKUADRILL and AKUASEAL environmental protection drilling fluid system, the use of turbidity effect, manometries particles and rigid particles and other co-blocking action, reduce the system solid-phase particle content intrusion, solve the problem of broken formations in the sloped well section, horizontal shale collapse and oil layer damage.

  • Formed a drilling cutting non-landing, materialization joint treatment, solid-phase closed burial and replanting, drilling debris and treatment of water re-injection formations and other waste closed-loop treatment process, to achieve waste treatment reduction and harmless, to meet the Amazon rainforest environment high-sensitive areas of oil and gas operation environmental law treatment requirements.. 


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