ECF2021 Award for Digital & Intelligent Tech

Project:Intel Decision-making Platform for Wellbore Engin

Company:CCDC Drilling & Production Tech Research Institute

Project Full Name: Intelligent Decision-making Platform for Oil and Gas Wellbore Engineering

Company:CCDC Drilling & Production Technology Research Institute

AwardedDigital & Intelligent Technology

Standeard:  International Advanced Level

Projec Number:ECF-2021-SET-1008

Principal Accomplishers: Qian Haodong, Zhang Zhifa, Zhang Fan, Zhang Yuping, Jiang Shu, Luo Yue, Tao Junyi, Zhang Zhanshuo, Fan Bohan


Project Diagram

Key Innovation Points:

  • Innovation points 1: the domestic shaft full professional data collector is developed for the first time.

  • Innovation points 2: the only integrated shaft engineering database in the industry has been established.

  • Innovation points 3: the integrated drilling automatic design system in Sichuan and Chongqing has been established.

  • Innovation points 4: a full professional chain production and operation management platform for wellbore engineering has been established.

  • Innovation points 5: a drilling decision system based on integrated platform is established. Innovation points 6: a new mobile office platform for shaft engineering has been established.

Main Application and Technical Principal: 

Focusing on the application of cloud computing, big data, Internet of things, mobile application, intelligent analysis and other technologies, has created an integrated auxiliary decision-making platform based on the whole life cycle of the wellbore in the field of wellbore engineering. The eisc center has been set up to improve the level of multi-disciplinary and front-line coordination, maximize the role of experts, reduce the accident rate and improve the management level of front-line managers and technicians. 

The mode of production organization has changed from telephone and fax to informatization, the mode of technical decision-making has changed from experience to intelligence, and the mode of emergency disposal has changed from front to remote command; It has promoted the innovation of production management mode, that is, the management mode has changed from extensive to fine, the organization has changed from pagoda to flat, and the operation mode has changed from planned to optimized allocation.

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