ECF2021 Award for Exploration & Production Tech

Project:Real Time Detection and Monitoring Method and Equi

Company:Sinopec Research Instituteof Petroleum Engineering

Project Full Name:Real Time Detection and Monitoring Method and Equipment of High Resolution NMR for Oil Content in Drilling Fluid

Company:Sinopec Research Institute of Petroleum Engineering, , Sinopec Matrix Corporation

AwardedExploration & Production Technology

Standeard:  International Leading Level

Projec Number:ECF-2021-SET-1005

Principal Accomplishers: Wang Zhizhan, Li Sanguo, Li Xin, Ni Weining, Du Huanfu, Li Yongjie, Kang Wuchen, Song Hongxi, Liu Jiangtao


Miniaturized Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Detection Sensor Magnet


Nuclear Magnetic Resonance On-Line Testing System for Drilling Fluid

Key Innovation Points:

  1. Miniaturized, highly sensitive nuclear magnetic resonance sensor for on-line measurement.

  2. Drilling fluid continuous and quantitative sampling system suitable for NMR online measurement.

  3. NMR on-line detection and monitoring method and equipment system for drilling fluid.

  4. One-dimensional and two-dimensional NMR identification methods for formation oil in fluorescent drilling fluid system.

  5. One-dimensional and two-dimensional NMR evaluation methods for formation oil in fluorescent drilling fluid system.

Main Application and Technical Principal: 

Based on low-field NMR technology with only one relaxation peak for pure fluid and sensitive to the properties of fluid (density or viscosity), a set of on-line monitoring and evaluation technology system for drilling fluid oil content with instruments and methods, which can be used in one or two dimensions, on-line and off-line, has been invented. It is no need for material separation, and the drilling fluid can be directly monitored at the outlet, with high timeliness and accuracy, which can avoid the discovery of oil-bearing strata in mud logging and solve the problem that the fluorescent drilling fluid system affects the discovery of oil-bearing reservoirs.

This invention has broad application prospects in oil and gas exploration (identification of oil, water and gas reservoir), development (monitoring of water content and viscosity of crude oil), drilling (monitoring drilling fluid performance and oil-water ratio), well completion (identifying the pollution degree of formation fluid by drilling fluid filtrate) and other fields.


Drilling Fluid NMR On-Line Detection System for Shale Oil Application

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