ECF2021 Award for Exploration & Production Tech

Project:Near-bit Gamma Imaging-While-Drilling System

Company:Sinopec Research Instituteof Petroleum Engineering

Project Name:Near-bit Gamma Imaging-While-Drilling System

Company:Sinopec Research Institute of Petroleum Engineering

AwardedExploration & Production Technology

Standeard:  International Leading Level

Projec Number:ECF-2021-SET-1006

Principal Accomplishers: Lu Baoping, Zhang Wei, Zheng Yiting, Li Jibo, Yang Chunguo, Wang Wei, Ni Weining, Chen Xiaohui, Song Zhaohui, Li Xin, Li Yongjie, Qian Deru


Near-bit Gamma Imaging-While-Drilling System


Near-bit Imaging Detection Instrument System

Key Innovation Points:

Innovation points 1. Near-bit gamma imaging technology to improve the drilling rate of reservoirs, including high resolution gamma imaging method based on 360° rotation scanning, wireless high-speed short data transmission technology based on magnetic dipole, Near-bit gamma imaging sub equipment..

Innovation points 2. Dual channel MWD and control technology to ensure accurate targeting, including downhole data transmission relay technology based on low frequency electromagnetic signal, mud pulsed-electromagnetic dual channel borehole trajectory measuring instrument.

Innovation points 3. Real-time data acquisition and intelligent analysis-decision software, including 3D precise prediction of undrilled formation based on big data, automatic analysis and decision system for real-time tracking of quality reservoirs.

Main Application and Technical Principal: 

Gamma near-bit Imaging-While-Drilling System (GabImg) is specially developed for unconventional oil and gas markets and efficient drilling, whose gamma imaging detector is just placed behind the drill bit. It can quickly identify the lithology of the formation changes and bottom engineering parameters, it can be timely geological guidance, improve the drilling rate, reduce drilling risk.

GabImg tool consists of two subs, the lower sub with gamma detectors, inclination sensors, batteries, etc., which collects gamma imaging, dynamic drift, bit speed and bottomhole temperature, and the data is emitted to the upper sub through electromagnetic waves. The upper sub is connected with the MWD to keep real-time data, and the near bit measurement data is transmitted to the ground through the mud pulse signal.

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