ECF2021 Award for Reduct & Efficiency Enhance Tech

Project:Quantumplt®. Product Logging without Well Interven

Company:Geosplit LLC

Project Full Name: Quantumplt®. Production Logging without Well Intervention

Company:Geosplit LLC

AwardedECF 2021 Oil & Gas Tech Innovation Award for Cost Reduction & Efficiency Enhancement Technology

Standeard:  International Leading Level

Projec Number:ECF-2021-SET-1003

Principal Accomplishers: Alexander Katashov, Pavel Buzin


Key Innovation Points:

  1. Quantum production logging technology uses nano quantum signature code as statistical means and deploys quantum signature code in downhole with well completion construction in two ways: quantum monitoring particle (proppant coating) and quantum monitoring tape. Different codes of quantum particles are pumped into different fracturing sections of horizontal wells and different phase states of oil, gas and water.

  2. In case of oil and water in the formation, quantum characteristic particles are slow-release and adsorbed on the surface of proppant. With the flow of fluid or gas, surface quantum particles will enter the wellbore with liquid or gas phase, which can be separated by laboratory analysis.

  3. By counting the percentage of quantum particles with different codes, the flow rate percentage of different fracturing intervals can be obtained. According to the total well production, the phase separation data of each section can be obtained.

  4. The main advantage of this technology is that it realizes quantitative and long-term three-phase production monitoring of each section and oil, gas and water of horizontal wells, no need shut well in, and continuously obtains downhole production data for several years.

  5. Domestic oil and gas well testing has achieved good results, which has great application
    prospects in the long-term dynamic monitoring of productivity of multistage fracturing horizontal wells in tight oil and gas reservoirs. It is of great significance for reservoir recognition and fracturing design scheme optimization in the integrated research of geological engineering of unconventional oil and gas reservoirs.


Main Application and Technical Principal: 

  1. The heart of the GEOSPLIT engineering solution is quantum dot tracers responsible for precise indication of each fluid phase — oil, water, and gas — in the production profile, which enables a dramatic increase in the amount of data for well and reservoir performance. Proprietary software offers the possibility to carry out a high-precision and high performance analysis of fluid samples and interpret field data. The GEOSPLIT Digital Platform, incorporating Machine Learning and Big Data tools helps to add brand-new value to the digital transformation processes of our valued customers.



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