ECF2021 Award for Stimulation & EOR Tech

Project:New Turbine Equipment in Oil & Gas Field

Company:Yantai Jereh Petroleum Equipment & Technologies CO

Project Full Name:New Turbine Equipment in Oil & Gas Field

Company: Yantai Jereh Petroleum Equipment & Technologies CO., Ltd

AwardedECF 2021 Oil & Gas Tech Innovation Award of Stimulation & EOR Technology

Standeard:  International Leading Level

Projec Number:ECF-2021-SET-1002

Principal Accomplishers: Zhang Rikui, Zhang Ting, Zhang Peng, Wang Hongli, Mao Zhuqing, Zhang Haibo, Wang Jianwei, Zou Jianglei, Ji Xiaolei


Key Innovation Points:

Jereh R&D engineers have independently developed the global largest direct drive turbine frac pumper and the World’s first 6MW gas-turbine genset by making breakthrough in a series of technologies such as high-power & high-speed ratio transmission, noise-reduction, fuel filling, air intake filtering, exhaust noise-reduction and auto-control. These innovative equipment not only adopt new technologies but meet the application requirements in oilfield with high integration and stability of continuous operations. The above equipment are capable of running on 100% natural gas, saving fuels and reducing emissions.


Main Application and Technical Principal: 

  1. The new turbine equipment in oil & gas field consists of 5600HP direct drive turbine frac pumper and the 6MW truck-mounted gas-turbine genset.

  2. The direct drive turbine frac pumper is applicable to oil & gas stimulation operations. The 5600HP turbine engine drives the JR5000QPE quintuplex plunger pump self-developed by Jereh through high-speed ratio transmission system. One direct drive frac pumper is equal to two 3000hp frac pumper in fracturing operations. For the gas-turbine genset with high output power, the turbine engine drives the high-efficiency electric motor by high-speed ratio gearbox. The rotary power source is better than the conventional piston engine in load response.

  3. These turbine equipment are armed with special noise-reduction device to control noise under 85dBA. The integrated design is adopted to reduce the footprint at wellsite and the automatic control system self-developed by Jereh enables touch-screen operation, one-key start & stop and remote control.


  • 杰瑞涡轮压裂设备

  • Jereh Turbine Fracturing Equipment


  •  杰瑞涡轮发电设备

  • Jereh  Power Generation Equipment


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