ECF2021 Award for Advanced Tech

Project:High Performance Internal Blowout Preventer

Company:Beijing JJC Petroleum Co., Ltd

Project Name:High Performance Internal Blowout Preventer (IBOP)

Company:Beijing JJC Petroleum Co., Ltd 

AwardedTech Advanced Technology

Standeard:  International Advanced Level

Projec Number:ECF-2021-SET-1011

Principal Accomplishers: Li Xuejun, Wang Xiaoquan, Yan Feng, Cui Jie, Zhang Yi, Zhang Shaohua

Key Innovation Points:

The JJC high-performance IBOP adopts a compensation structure of a "symmetric floating valve seat",before-valve seal is achieved through pressure balancing, force bearing of floating balls is more reasonable.before-valve seal is automatically converted into after-valve seal when failing, and therefore double safety assurance is achieved; the spherical surface of the valve seat is configured into soft seal, and a traditional IBOP metal spherical surface hard seal form is replaced; the structure of an operating crank is optimized; and the structure of the valve seat is subjected to hydrodynamics optimization,so that washing ofa medium to a valve body is relieved.

By means of the product, the problems that in an existing product on the market, floating balls deform under high loads, and friction damping with a valve seat is too large so that the IBOP cannot be reliably opened during well control operation. the working life is prolongedand the safety performance is enhanced.

Main Application and Technical Principal: 

The Internal Blow out Preventer(IBOP)is an important part for well control safety configured by a top drive, and a top drive spindle and a prevention and protection connector are connected.

The IBOP has the main effects that a drilling tool internal mud channet is rapidly closed when the bottom hole pressure is abnormal,well kick and well blowout are avoided, and mud is prevented from leaking out and splashing when a drilling tool is replaced.





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