ECF2020 Award for Exploration & Production Tech

Project:Safe Environment-Friendly Chemical Tracer Test

Company:Gepetto Oil Technology Group Co.,Ltd. etc

Project Name: Safe Environment-Friendly Chemical Tracer Test and Application

Company Name: Gepetto Oil Technology Group Co.,Ltd.;

                             Sichuan Gepetto Energy Technology Co., Ltd

Standard:  International Advanced Level

Item Number: ECF-2020-SET-1003

Safe Environment-Friendly Chemical Tracer Test and Application, through the development of new tracers, the tracers are injected into the formation with liquid during fracturing operations, and different types of production fluids are used for different test sections of oil and gas wells. The tracers are calibrated separately, the production state of the reservoir is restored, and the dynamic production data of oil and gas wells is obtained for evaluation and analysis. There are innovations in the research and development of tracers, which have certain promotion and application value. It has great practical significance for the evaluation of reservoir dynamics in the field of oil and gas field development.

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