ECF2017 Award for Exploration & Production Tech

Project:JHQY-Type B Modularized High Power Tractor

Company:Sinopec Jianghan Oilfield Service Logging Co.

JHQY-Type B Modularized High-Power Tractor aims to solve transportation problems for well testing equipment in horizontal well downhole sections. This type of tractors utilize hydraulic pushing and mechanical driving techniques, and has the characteristics of high power-rating, thermal resistant, and can be applied in complex environments. This tractor represents a domestic technical breakthrough, which can be applied to boost operational efficiency, and is believed to be part of future technical trends. This type of bridge plugs has been applied extensively in Fulin Shale and conventional development of other oil and gas fields in China. This bridge plug holds a leading status across the international market, promoted the development of China’s well testing technologies, and is an important technique for cost reduction and efficiency boost of future operations, thus recommended for further implementation.

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