Hu Weiping

Deputy Director General The Department of Oil and Natural Gas (National Oil Reserve Office), Nationa

Department of Oil and Natural Gas (National Oil Reserve Office)

Mr.Hu Weiping participates in the oil and gas industry in 1971 with a bachelor's

degree. Before he joins the State Planning Commission in 1991, he has worked

in the first academy of Department of Space, Chemical Engineering Research

and Design Institute of Henan Province, the Petrochemical Department of

Henan Province. After he join the State Planning Commission, he has served on

the office of agricultural the State Council Information, and Raw Materials

department of the State Planning Commission, the Economic Projections

Department, Industry Department (National West-East Office), National Energy

Administration. At the present, he is the deputy director general of the

department of Oil and Natural Gas (National Oil Reserve Office) of National

Energy Administration.Mr. Hu had been involved in the drafting of the reform documents of agricultural

resources system of the State Council; participate in the West-East natural gas

transmission project, Guangdong LNG ship building, the development of East

China Sea and Central Asian natural gas pipeline construction and other major

national project. He drafted out the plan of Offshore oil and gas resources and

long-term development, the plan of National Oil and Gas Pipeline, the National

LNG Development Plan and so on. He has published "China's natural gas

development and related policy research", " Selection of the Best through

Bidding: A New Trial of Macro Management of a Large-scale Natural Gas

Project--Analysis of Bidding Process of Guangdong LNG Pilot Project", "the

Guangdong LNG project tender", "the development of small-scale liquefied

natural gas in China" and other articles.


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