Xi'an ZhengYuan Well Image Electronic Tech Co. LtdEstablished:2019-11-28

http://xazyjx.net/ No. 6203, No. 6 Complex Building, Second Science and Technology School, High-tech Zone, Xi'an City,
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¥ 5 Million 1-100 Private Energy Equipment Manufacturer
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Research and Development of Visual Detection Technology for Oil and Gas Wells, Equipment Manufacturi Wang Yi 15002998775

Company Profile

Xi 'an Zhengyuan Well Image Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in Xi 'an in 2019 by the visual detection technology team of oil and gas wells of Xi 'an Shiyou University. The company is headquartered in B2-1 Building, West Zhigu, Xianyang High-tech Zone. The company is specialized in the R & D and application promotion of oil and gas well visualization detection technology. It is a leading enterprise in the research and development of domestic VideoLog oil and gas well visualization technology and equipment. In 2021, it was recognized by the national high-tech enterprise.

The company is specialized in the development and technical service of oil and gas well visualization detection technology and equipment, and strives to solve the problems of unclear downhole understanding, unclear status, weak scientific and low efficiency of downhole operation measures, and provides new downhole understanding, evaluation, intervention technology and equipment. With the industry-leading high-definition video acquisition and video analysis technology of oil and gas wells, the level of downhole understanding, evaluation and intervention technology of oil and gas wells is comprehensively improved, and the scientificity and efficiency of downhole operation measures are improved, so as to make due contributions to the stable and increasing production of oil and gas fields in China.

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