Offshore Oil Engineering Co.,Ltd.Established:2000-04-20 No. 199 Haibin 15 Road, TianjinPort Free Trade Zone,Tianjin China
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¥4,421,350,000 5,001-10,000 Corporation Engineering & Construction general contracting engineeringCOOEC has more than 8000 employees, constituting an all-round, multi- Li Xiaowei +86-22-5989 8888

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COOEC has more than 8000 employees, constituting an all-round, multi-level and wide-range general engineering contracting team. Besides, it boasts world-class competencies and international operation procedures and management standards. Designs implemented by COOEC are advanced worldwide. Large-scale offshore engineering manufacturing bases with total area of 3.5 million m2 have been completed in Tanggu of Tianjin Municipality, Qingdao of Shandong Province and Zhuhai of Guangdong Province, realizing the base layout across the country for functional complementation to cover shallow and deepwater engineering and develop the global market. In addition, it possesses a diversified offshore construction fleet consisting of 20 vessels, including 3000m deepwater pipeline laying and hoisting vessel "Offshore Oil 201", the monoblock hoisting vessel "Blue Whale" with hoisting capacity of 7500t in the world, 50000t semi-submersible self-propelled vessel, 3000m deepwater multi-function underwater engineering vessel, deepwater multi-function installation vessel and deepwater trenching vessel. COOEC ranks top in Asia in terms of offshore installation and pipe laying capacity.

After more than four decades of construction and development, COOEC has built eight major types of capacity, including offshore engineering design, offshore engineering construction, offshore engineering installation, offshore oil and gas field maintenance, underwater engineering inspection and installation, high-end skid-mounted product manufacturing, offshore engineering quality inspection and offshore EPC management. Furthermore, it has developed a series of core technologies, such as 30000t super-large offshore platform design, manufacturing and installation, inspection and repair 300m under water, subsea pipeline repair and old offshore platform demolition. It is also capable of laying subsea pipelines 1500m under water and has successively provided quality services for numerous domestic and overseas owners, such as CNOOC, Confield, Shell, Husky, Kerr-McGee, Technip, MODEC, AkerSolutions and FLUOR. Its business has been extended to over 20 countries and regions. 

COOEC still focuses on offshore engineering and gives priority to building four major types of capacity to extend global business and deepwater engineering. Greater efforts will be made to promote management, realize scientific development, upgrade related equipment to build top-ranking upstream and midstream & downstream engineering capacity, develop COOEC into a world-class energy engineering company and write a chapter of sound and sustainable development.

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