Tong Oil Tools Co.,ltd.Established:1995-06-15 D 301, Tangyuege, software Gardern, Keji 2 Rd., Xi’an,Shaanxi, P.R. China, ,710075
Registered Capital Employees Enterprise Nature Company Type Main Business Contact Name Contact Email or Phone Number
¥440,432,000 101-1,000 Corporation Energy Service stimulation of oil/gas production Headquarter 0086-29-87607460/1/2/3/4/

Company Profile

Founded in 1995, Tong Oil Tools has developed from a professional company specialized in R&D, manufacturing, sales and services of composite perforation in the sector of stimulation of oil/gas production into a listed company (stock code 300164) providing a variety of integrated services to oilfield customers

With perforation technology service as its core business, Tong Oil Tools provides drilling and completion technology service, fracturing technology service and enhanced oil recovery and oil block development. The company has set up a number of branches and subsidiaries in the United States and China. Its market network covers 24 major oilfields in the country and oilfields in the United States, Indonesia and Kazakhstan and etc.

Aiming at becoming an international oilfield service provider with technical advantages and strong influence, the company has been consistently establishing and improving core technologies through the introduction of technology, cooperation and capital operation, etc., hoping to accelerate the pace of integration of service capacity in a bid to enhance the overall competitiveness of the company; and in the mean time, promoting the orderly development of overseas markets, including Central Asia, Southeast Asia, North America and other places and deepening the international exchange and technology integration in order to seize opportunities in emerging market and hence realize the company's overall strategy. 

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