GI Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd.Established:2006-05-15 No.15 Yuncheng St.,Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area(BDA),100176,China
Registered Capital Employees Enterprise Nature Company Type Main Business Contact Name Contact Email or Phone Number
RMB Yuan 484 million 101-1,000 Corporation Energy Service A specialized manufacturer of oil well logging instruments. - Tel: 0086-10-67806016/26/36

Company Profile

GI Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd is a specialized manufacturer of oil well logging instruments. The Company is primarily engaged in the research, development, manufacture, sale and on-site technical service of oil well logging instruments, as well as the provision of well logging engineering services through its well logging instruments for oilfield customers. Its main product is GILEE series imaging logging system, including surface system for wire line tools, conventional wire line logging tools, surface systems for thru drill pipe tools and others. The Company operates its business mainly in domestic market.

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